Venture Building for Corporates and Startups

We ensure a sustainable NEW design of the future by and with companies.


Sustainable growth instead of unicorn hype

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    We create a space in which new ideas become innovations and at the same time support people who want to develop these ideas into a business venture.

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    Through our cooperation, the definition of the business purpose and the exchange with an innovative, interested young target group begins, which at the same time gets to know your existing corporate culture.

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    Existing companies can become part of this new business venture by becoming part of our ecosystem and learning from the new company.

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    In working together with the new venture, your employees will get to know the new processes, which will then be transferred to your existing company.

Grow together

Existing companies are the multipliers who learn from new companies and gradually incorporate the new processes into their own culture. This promotes new products and employees.

At each stage of the process there is a stop or go option.
  • Challenge


    Development of the framework conditions. These help to narrow down the problem domain and generate trust in order to be able to ask the right questions in the next steps.

  • Concept


    Starting from the challenge, it is important to actively deal with the problem domain and to develop targeted solutions from it. It is important to present the business purpose and the basic feeling for the new future.

  • Prototype


    In the prototyping phase, we build a first draft of the future product or service. This prototype can be tested within a "sandbox environment" with the defined target group.

  • Organic Venture Building

    Organic Venture Building

    As a result of the venture building phase, there should be a hypothesis about the purpose, the problem of a target group, existing solutions and the targeted market. Derived from this, the next stop-or-go decision can be made: build a new company | new product within the company | stop idea

Grow together Grow together

Development business venture

Individual development

At the core is the human being. The present demands new forms of cooperation. Agile, self-determined processes are developed that make it possible to adapt to new requirements more quickly. This requires a space in which people can develop outside of the existing corporate culture. And we create this space as Guiding Innovators.

Development business venture

We create future

We think processes comprehensively and design them from the inside out.

Organic Venture Building

Organic Venture Building

Organic Venture Building sets the framework that serves as the basis for sustainable development. It serves as a common value model, which as a model sets the common direction.



New possibilities arise from every idea. We create a space in which new ideas become innovations. We build resilient companies because we help shape an environment in which we ourselves want to live.



We ourselves are at the center of every activity. In order to build up successful companies, people join forces who want to achieve something together that they cannot achieve alone.

Sustainable returns

Sustainable returns

We build companies in stages with an inner strength. This means that the company is initially put together in small but continuous steps from scratch. But persists in the market in the long term.

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